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February 27, 2020

The Best Cryptocurrency YouTube Channels

If you are looking for cryptocurrency YouTube channels you will find no shortage of cryptocurrency channels on YouTube. I have assembled a list of the Top 5 cryptocurrency YouTube channels to help you along in your search for quality no-hype information on the cryptocurrency universe. 

Best Cryptocurrency YouTube Channels (Video Version)

It can be difficult to sort through the hundreds of cryptocurrency youtube channels. Many only post inconsistently.

Others are just shilling their affiliate links or pet projects. These cryptocurrency youtubers provide the highest standard of content. They will tell you directly if they are promoting a product or not.

These are cryptocurrency youtube channels I have been following myself for several years. Their content is of the highest quality and contains tons of valuable information!

Most post fresh content at least several times a week if not daily! They are not listed in any particular rank or order as they are all awesome!

Mr. Kristof 

Top 5 Cryptocurrency YouTubers! - Mr Kristof

"My name is Kris and I am a Bitcoin miner and cryptocurrency investor....On my channel I give a chance to get a behind the scenes look at what a Bitcoin miner experiences and also what there perception of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are. I also talk about the market, new projects, and other money making opportunity with cryptocurrency and blockchain technology."

Crypto Crow 

Top 5 Cryptocurrency YouTubers! Crypto Crow

“I am a cryptocurrency investor, trader and entrepreneur. I aim to educate people about the cryptocurrency space in a blunt, up front and honest way. I'm not a licensed financial advisor and I'm not always right, but I do my best to keep you informed and thinking."

Data Dash 

top cryptocurrency YouTubers Data Dash

“I'm the type of individual who loves to be told something is impossible. My passions for business, sales, data, and finance have prepared me to take on a world of problem solving. Overall, if I could attribute my happiness to any set of ideologies, it would be the fact that I've always pressed myself to be open-minded, free to new, cutting-edge ideas, and that I chase after what others don't.”

AltCoin Buzz 

top cryptocurrency YouTubers Altcoin Buzz

"We are a Community-led Organization, Driven by People who are Extremely Enthusiastic about the Crypto Space and Excited about the Future of Blockchain Technology. Information shared on Altcoin Buzz is strictly our own opinion and not professional or financial advice and you should always consult a financial advisor and do your own research before investing in anything."


top cryptocurrency YouTubers Hashoshi

"Welcome, I am Hashoshi! (Hash-oh-shee) my mission here is simple: to cut through the hype and provide accessible, free education about blockchain, cryptocurrency, & innovative technology. Together, we can help build the future of technology in this world, we can accelerate adoption, and we can learn together. Let's go!"

The Final Thoughts 

The bottom line is its quality over quantity. There are many more cryptocurrency youtube channels out there that have thousands of more subscribers than the ones I have listed above. But I have found that they don't have nearly the quality of content that these guys have. 

These creators truly care about the crypto space and take lots of time and exert tons of effort to make sure they deliver quality content to their viewers. If they do promote something, they are up front and honest about it. Invest your time with them and you will be better for it.

On a side note. YouTube has been censoring many crypto channels lately. It is a sign that much ignorance and misinformation still exists when it comes to crypto. Many media outlets still perceive digital currencies as less than legitimate enterprise. I would be curious to hear what you guys think. 

And remember, CryptoVerrified.com is always here to help you survive and thrive in this new and exciting space! We have an awesome ​FREE Crypto Guide and toms of resources at our crypto blog.

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